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Repair in Russia

In order to maintain vehicles in working order for the period of its operation, periodically carried mented technical inspection and repair cars.

It is no secret that the need for service can appear at any moment and in any place. To speed up the repair process and minimize the problems of the cargo we are able to help you not only in Ukraine but also in Russia and Belarus.

Repairs in Russia carries our division company "IWEC" (code: 1127747164621).

Advantage LLC "IWEC 'ability to promptly resolve constantly emerging from the owners of cargo w / e of the problems associated with the failure of their cars on the way.

LLC "IWEC" will significantly reduce the cost of owners arising from demurrage and the inability of their operation during the search for contacts with departments of railways, control repair and obtain the necessary documentation with the release of cars with faulty park, will eliminate the need to maintain a competent employee or a the department responsible for conducting routine maintenance g / d of., will allow to carry out repair work pay in their local currency and receive expert advice on solving non-standard technical problems and to acquire the necessary repair parts.

In addition, for the Russian owners of LLC "IWEC" ready to provide services for planned repairs and other types of cars in Ukraine.

Thus, paying in local currency (USD) and are not faced with the conclusion of international contracts, carrying out of repairs available all over Ukraine.


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