Car-repair Transport Company "Hold"

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LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD" offers the whole spectrum of intermediary services associated with repair and technical maintenance of the railway rolling stock in Ukraine, namely:

-        schedule types of repair – depot and overhaul types of carriage repair;

-        maintenance railway repair;

-        extensionofwagonlife period;

-        cleaning the inside surface of hopper and applying an high quality anticorrosion protection;

-        painting of the inner and outer surfaces of carriage;

-        renewal repair of gondola cars, boxcars, mineral wagons etc.


LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD" has complete control over the quality of the works performed.

We keep track of the fact that these types of work performed:

-        in the most advantageous terms for the customer, starting from a place of repair, car diagnostics and ending payment for services;

-        with proper issue of the necessary documentation and compliance with all requirements and specifications of Ukrzaliznytsya and other entities in the railway sector in Ukraine, international organizations and others;

-        in a timely manner with minimal delays of trains during the period of repair;

-        in compliance with all contractor's warranty obligations;

-        with use of materials, intermediate products, spare parts, standard equipment, the quality of which is documented and complies with the standards or technical specifications for their production.

Our experts will select you the most profitable option and will provide reception and dispatch repair cars as soon as possible.


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