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Depot repair

Depot repair implies periodical control of technical conditions of wagon parts, change of broken parts and repair of outworn base parts and assemble units.

Damaged wagonswithunexpiredrepair time should be forwarded to the depot repair depending on their technical conditions after form ВУ-25 and inventory formhave been drawn up confirming that repair is necessary. 

Repairsof freight cars  is producedby the method ofdirectrepairof parts and componentsforthe caror replacement of the defectiveparts and components with repairedor newappropriate type,corresponding tothe specificationsandcharacteristicsof this seriesof cars.

LLC "Carriage Repair TransportCompany"HOLD" ensuresthat thedepot repairof freight carsis carried outwithin theUkrzaliznitsaterms, according togeneral technical requirements, safety and health regulations, in accordance with theGuidelines fordepot repairCV-0017, approved by Order № 272Ukrzaliznytsya-C from11/06/1998.

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