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LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD"

Overhaul repair

In the framework of overhaul repair of freight wagons, full range of works for the full restoration of the wagon condition with

the replacement of the basic parts (frame and body components, chassis), modernization of rolling stock is performed in accordance

with all established standards.

Frequency of overhaul repair of cars is determined by the type, model, date of manufacture, as well as their technical condition,

or the requirements of modernization.

The technical condition of the car after the repair is equal to the newly built state of the car.

List of works required by the major repair of freight cars depends on the number of the repair is carried out (CR-1 CR-2, etc.).

The older a freight car, the greater the amounts of work to do to regain its life close to full.

Accumulated experience of LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD"  in providing services for the organization of overhaul repair

of freight wagons (extended life) provides high quality repairs in the shortest time, at reasonable prices and individual approach to each client.

  We organize the repair of freight cars in specialized car-repair enterprises entitled to this type of activity, subject to the processes of each type of

  repair the car repaired and processes of industrial sites, car-repair enterprises developed and approved by the head of this company.

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