Car-repair Transport Company "Hold"

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LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD"

    Painting of the inner and outer surfaces of carriage


LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD" ensures that the painting inside and outside of cars carried out using the latest technologies painting of rolling stock,

which have passed all required tests by experienced, certified in Ukraine and CIS countries, and successfully used in our operations.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality painting services for railway rolling stock using modern paints (primer, enamel) to keep carriages in good condition while preserving the protective properties and aesthetic appearance.

Dyeing is carried out, primarily for protection against corrosion and the effects of negative environmental factors, mechanical damage, giving a decorative appearance.

The technological process of obtaining paint coverage includes the following steps: washing the car, surface preparation for painting, coating, coating of enamel or causing ground enamel without priming, painting.

Painting of cars is done using paints that are specially designed for railway transport, in accordance with applicable specifications, as well as their decorative properties, uniform colors, increased durability, resistance to aggressive detergents and adaptability to the substrate.

At the request of the customer we can arrange painting of rolling stock in company colors with the application of the symbolism of the company that owns the car.

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