Car-repair Transport Company "Hold"

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LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD"

Extension of the wagon life period; Extension of wagon life period performed by LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD" includes:

- diagnosing the technical condition of railway cars and their components; - rationale and issuing of extension of their safe operation.

Works are carried out on the orders of businesses - the owners of cars, organizations working in the field of railway transport.

All work for the examination of the technical condition of cars carried out by highly qualified specialists of expert centers, certified for the right to conduct the examination.

Extension of service shall be in accordance with "Regulations on the extension of service trucks and refrigerated wagons

States parties to the Agreement on the joint use of freight and refrigerated wagons in international traffic",

approved by the Commission of the Council for Rail Transport plenipotentiary wagon economy experts railway administrations

(Minutes of the meeting of the Commission 16-18 May 2006, Mariupol).


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