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In order to maintain the rolling stock in a serviceable condition during its operation, inspection and repair of cars are carried out periodically.

Current maintenance is not a routine kind of repair and is performed according to the technical condition.
            The technological process includes the following types of maintenance of freight cars:
            • TO - maintenance of cars that are part of, or transit trains, as well as empty wagons in preparation for transport without uncoupling them from the convoy or cars;
            • TR-1 - maintenance of empty wagons for transport to the complex preparation of the composition of the cutaway or wagon groups from feeding them to repair the path;
            • TR-2 - maintenance loaded or empty wagons with their uncoupling from transit and arrivals of trains or of compositions formed, running along the lines of the current repair.
LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD"organizes the implementation of repair works to restore:
 - Gondola cars;
- Covered wagons with wood paneling;
- Mineral wagons, etc.
Gondola car is a significant part of the freight car fleet and is used more intensively.
The main causes of failure or gondola cars are breaking the rules for loading and unloading, shunting the rules and the violation of the technical process of repair. Gondola has no roof, and its floor consists of unloading hatches, which are the most vulnerable parts of the car. Therefore, renovated gondola cars includes the following steps:
1. Installation of reinforcement plates carrying an I-beam.
2. Repair of the front beam.
3. Replacement of the waist.
4. Repair and strengthening of corner and intermediate posts.
5. Repair of the upper belt of the car.
6. Strengthening and repair of end flaps of the car.
Refurbishment of the covered wagon with wood paneling includes:
- Installation of reinforcement plates on the pivot beam or partial replacement, replacement car on a modernized floor deck (metal + board);
 -Removal of a failed and the installation of a unified roof wagon;
- Replacement of the doors of the car and come locking mechanism;
-Replacement of the upper end wall strapping the car;
- Strengthening counter-wagon end wall;
- Replacement of the wooden sheathing with increased side racks;
-Lining the car with plywood (10 mm).

Mineral wagons are used for the transportation of bulk fertilizer. It is a specialized all-metal freight cars covered bunker type - hopper cars. Therefore, use of mineral fertilizer provides high safety of goods and the possibility of rapid unloading to special receivers or two sides of the road.
The main reason for the loss of carrying capacity of mineral wagon is corrosion, as aqueous solutions and moist mineral fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, NPK and potassium chloride, have high corrosive properties and cause intensive corrosion of carbon steels.
LLC "Carriage Repair Transport Company "HOLD" provides a full range of services for the organization of mineral wagon repair, including:
- Body repair and roof of mineral wagon;
- Repair of loading and unloading hatches;
- Repair of the mechanism of discharge;
- Regulation of the mechanism of discharge;
- Priming and painting the inner surface of the body of mineral wagon;
- Installation of security to prevent theft of the main and principal parts of the diffuser, brake linkage, gear sectors and a striker.


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